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Tar and Chip


Looking for a cost-effective, durable, quality driveway solution? Talk to RoadBuilders about tar and chip in Whitehouse, Nashville, and Sumner County, TN! We’re masters of this economic paving solution and are pleased to offer tar and chip for smaller projects. You’ll get all the benefits of asphalt, at a fraction of the price of a comprehensive paving job.

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Why Tar and Chip?

Tar and chip is a great alternative to complete paving projects for a number of reasons. In choosing tar and chip, you’ll experience a surface that’s strong and resilient, perfect for nearly any application. Check out what makes tar and chip such an appealing choice:

  • Low cost:
    Because tar and chip doesn’t require sealcoating, it’s a more affordable alternative to traditional asphalt paving. You’ll save on the upfront cost, while still getting a surface that’s durable and beautiful.
  • Better traction:
    Tar and chip leaves behind a textured surface, since stones and gravel are pressed into the tar. This offers superb traction for shoes, tires and anything else on the surface. Enjoy slip-free asphalt!
  • Less maintenance:
    After installing a tar and chip driveway, you won’t need to worry about sealing, patching or crack filling. The rugged nature of tar and chip surfaces ensures they’ll stand up to whatever you throw at them.
  • Durable:
    Like asphalt, tar and chip surfaces are extremely resilient. They’ll stand up to hot and cold temperatures, as well as weathering and sunlight. They’re a great long-term addition to any property.
  • Curb appeal:
    Tar and chip surfaces are appealing and, thanks to the diversity of stone and gravel, can add a unique look to your property. Adding a tar and chip driveway is a great way to increase curb appeal.

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Interested in learning more about tar and chip driveways or other surfaces? Contact RoadBuilders today at 615-756-9559 and let us explain the benefits. We promise results that look great and a surface that’s ready to stand up to whatever you (or Mother Nature) can throw at it. Ask us about our striping services, residential paving, and more.

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