Methods for Properly Patching All Asphalt Surfaces

May 19, 2021

Patching is a great way to make your asphalt surface look brand new without having to throw down a lot of money. This method of repairing asphalt surfaces also helps preserve their integrity, ensuring they will last longer. Potholes, cracks and crumbling asphalt can all be repaired by patching. While patching is usually simpler and less time-consuming than full replacement, it’s better to have a professional take care of it.

Read on to learn about the techniques your paving service might use for asphalt surface repair. Having knowledge of these methods will help you determine which is best for your needs. If you’re looking to save some time and money, contact a commercial paving company that serves clients in White House, TN.

Quickly fill cracks with the spray injection method

The spray injection method of asphalt patching is one of the most common approaches, and involves simply spraying asphalt into a crack of potholes by using a high-pressure injection device. Before the asphalt and aggregate are sprayed into the crack, however, the damaged area must be properly cleaned. This is done by blowing any water and other materials from the crack with a specialized device.

Permanently repair your driveway with full-depth patching

If you’re looking to permanently fix a crack or pothole in your asphalt, it’s best to go with full-depth patching. This method is quite complex and requires excavation of the damaged asphalt. Once the excavation is complete, a tack coat will be poured in. This is then followed by pouring in the asphalt mixture.

Get the next best thing with semi-permanent patching

If full-depth patching isn’t an option for your asphalt surface, consider semi-permanent patching. This method involves filling holes and cracks with an asphalt mix, then compacting the area with a roller. Before any filling is done, however, it’s important that the area is free of water and debris. Your asphalt paving service will likely use an air compressor to clear the area.

The tried-and-true throw-and-roll method

This method of patching is the most common, and for good reason. It usually fixes cracks and potholes quickly, so you won’t be left unable to use your asphalt surface for too long. With this method, liquid asphalt fills the pothole or crack in question, which is then properly sealed. While this method isn’t a long-term solution by any means, it’s a great option in emergencies.

Which method should I use?

This can all depend on your exact situation. If you’re looking to quickly repair your parking lot or driveway, consider using the spray injection or throw-and-roll method. Those willing to wait have more permanent options, including full-depth patching and semi-permanent patching. It’s best to contact an asphalt crack repair service in Nashville, TN or the surrounding areas to see what they recommend.

These methods are best used by professionals, as they will have the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done right. Affordable asphalt crack repair service is available to Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas—contact RoadBuilders today to speak with a commercial paving expert and get your estimate!

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