Benefits of Asphalt Milling

April 6, 2021

Milling is the process by which the top layer of asphalt is removed that does not disturb the underlying subbase. This allows new asphalt to be added on. Two of the leading reasons many people choose asphalt milling in Nashville, TN are that it can save both time and money. Let’s break down the many benefits of asphalt milling.

Why asphalt milling is a better choice than traditional gravel

Asphalt milling uses recycled asphalt pavement that has been crushed in to a fine gravel. This differs from traditional gravel, which comes from a stone yard. Instead, the recycled material is used for asphalt milling, which costs considerably less.

On top of that, asphalt milling is a more environmentally-friendly choice, as you don’t need to spend the energy and resources on new gravel. No new material is used, and there’s no need for transport. The process includes grinding any asphalt surface—anywhere from a few inches up to full removal—in order to create a smooth, even surface that’s used for repaving.

Signs that you need asphalt milling

There are a number of indications that your pavement is in need of refreshing. For example, if the pavement is unraveling from the top down or is cracking, these signs that wear and tear have taken their toll may indicate the need for asphalt milling. If the asphalt is in an important drainage area and needs to be reworked to allow proper drainage, you may also need asphalt milling.

Why asphalt milling is the right choice

Asphalt milling will help restore the pavement to a uniform profile, eliminating bumps, ruts and other irregularities. This leads to a consistent pavement from the gutter to the curb. Milling is also more time efficient than brand-new paving. The process requires minimal interruption to traffic, as in most instances it’s safe for traffic to travel over the asphalt immediately.

This technique requires no smoke or flame, and the amount of dust generated is easily controllable. Perhaps most importantly, this is a cost-effective method that will cost far less than reconstruction. That means it’s easier to utilize your maintenance budget for other important items.

Beyond this, asphalt milling will lead to improve drainage flow that will help curb any problems with flooding. The recycling process will allow you to use the material multiple times for road resurfacing and rehabilitation. The bottom line is that if you want a less expensive, more environmentally-friendly option that will keep your parking lot looking great for years to come, asphalt milling is a great choice.

The asphalt milling leaders in Nashville, TN

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