Asphalt Tar and Chip Repair

April 20, 2021

Keeping your asphalt functional and looking its best requires regular maintenance. That’s why chip seal, crack repair and repaving is essential for your parking lot or driveway, allowing the paving material to last for the longest time possible. Property owners can do some of this work on their own, but in general it’s best left to a licensed and experienced asphalt contractor. Read on to find out more about asphalt chip repair in Nashville, TN.

What does chip seal involve?

A chip seal driveway involves the use of a coating material plus a gravel layer. These are spread over asphalt and dry naturally. Then, the surface is swept and cleaned, resulting in a fresh new layer of pavement.

Chip seal is generally somewhat more expensive than a standard seal, but not as pricy as a full repaving job or a fog seal. The chip seal provides value, as it creates an even surface that refreshes the appearance of the asphalt while also filling in any damaged areas. Chip seal is also an ideal choice for bringing additional texture and traction to the asphalt.

What to know about crack repair

As spring arrives, you may be thinking about crack repair for your driveway or parking lot as well. Many cracks and potholes are the result of ice and water building up. When combined with automotive traffic, this puts pressure on the asphalt. Over the long term, the asphalt’s structural integrity is weakened.

You may not even notice the cracks in the asphalt at first. Some signs you should look for include loose pieces of asphalt splitting apart, the asphalt having a rough texture, pooling water and reduction in skid resistance. These are all signs of asphalt raveling, which means that the asphalt is distressed. Asphalt is especially susceptible to this in the winter months.

Look out for the following types of cracks:

  • Stress cracks: These occur when unstable parking lot asphalt sustains a great deal of pressure over time. When the foundation crumbles, this can lead to the entire structure collapsing.
  • Shrinkage cracks: These are very common cracks that the asphalt will sustain over its lifetime. Sealcoating the pavement once every two to three years will reduce the number of shrinkage cracks, which are the result of exposure to the elements and oxidation.
  • Potholes: These are what occur if cracks aren’t taken care of. Long-term neglect plus traffic will lead to the dreaded potholes that are liable to damage cars. If you want customers to respect your business, it’s time to take care of those potholes in the parking lot.

Do you need asphalt crack repair in Nashville, TN? You can trust the team at RoadBuilders to handle your asphalt job with professionalism and friendly service. We bring our years of experience to deliver cost-effective solutions for all your paving needs. We do it all, from increasing the curb appeal of your home to retouching a large parking lot. Contact us right now to learn more and receive a free quote!

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