How to Know if You Need Sealcoating, Resurfacing or Repaving

January 26, 2021

Your driveway is one of the first things you and your guests see when pulling into your home. Because it has so much power over your home’s curb appeal, shouldn’t it get the routine maintenance care it deserves?

But how can you know what type of maintenance is right for your driveway? Depending on the severity of cracks, discoloration and aging, sealcoating, resurfacing or a complete repaving of your driveway may be in order. Your local paving contractors in Nashville, TN will work with you to implement these solutions and more.

Sealcoating protects driveway materials

If your driveway is not showing signs of wear, then a simple sealcoating could be the preventative maintenance solution you need. Sealcoating is a liquid that hardens, sealing your asphalt driveway for durability and a shiny finish.

Sealcoating your driveway is most effective when applied every few years. After the installation of a brand-new driveway, let a few months pass before sealcoating. Then, every 18 months to three years, apply a new sealcoat.

Sealcoating is not meant as a solution to potholes or other cracks. If your driveway shows signs of this type of wear, it may need a more aggressive treatment.

Resurfacing overlays old, cracking driveways

When you resurface your driveway, a new layer of asphalt is overlaid on top of your existing pavement. It is best for driveways that show serious signs of failure, including cracks, large holes and uneven shifting.

Resurfacing starts with spot treatments. Local paving contractors in Nashville, TN will fill in holes and cracks and level uneven patches first and foremost. Following this spot treatment, a new layer of asphalt is laid on top of repaired asphalt for a finished and like-new look.

But if your driveway is beyond repair, it is likely time to complete a whole repaving job. Especially if your driveway is more than seven years old, resurfacing may just not be enough to keep your driveway functional for more than a few more years. It is likely time to move on to a more aggressive treatment.

Repave your driveway for a complete upgrade

Preventative maintenance and repair can only take your existing driveway so far. Your driveway is in need of a complete overhaul if it features large swaths of potholes, cracks or uneven pavement that is beyond repair. Use this opportunity to work with a local residential or commercial paving contractor in Nashville, TN, and consider your options.

Once your old pavement is removed, you can choose from many different types of materials or styles to best suit your new driveway and your property as a whole. Asphalt, concrete and tar and chip driveways last around 10 years for long-term durability and functionality at your home or business. Depending on your unique needs, each may offer key benefits, including style, cost and traction.

When it’s time to reseal, resurface or completely replace your old driveway, trust the experts to walk you through the best options for your property. Contact RoadBuilders to discuss the appropriate maintenance or replacement choice for your unique situation.

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