A Homeowner’s Guide to Driveway Maintenance

September 16, 2020

So, you’ve gone to the effort of having one of the talented driveway paving companies in Nashville, TN install a gorgeous new stretch of asphalt on your property. If you play your cards right, your new driveway should last as long as 25 years. To ensure that happens, you’ll need to take a few preventative steps. Not to worry—if you stay on top of some easy monthly chores and follow the tips below, you shouldn’t have any problems keeping your driveway looking fantastic for years to come.

Don’t use deicer

It’s not uncommon during our Nashville winters for freezing rain to form a sheet of treacherous ice on your driveway. In these cases, resist the urge to use a deicing agent or salt. These substances eat away at your driveway and cause cracks, which can be costly to repair. Instead of a deicing agent, consider an alternative like kitty litter or sand to provide traction on icy or snowy winter days.

Respect the sealcoat

Your driveway’s first line of defense is the sealcoat, a specialized material that prevents the growth of cracks and chips and protects your driveway from the elements. The sealcoat on your driveway wears down over time, so it’s vital to enlist a reliable driveway paving company in Nashville, TN to provide annual touch-ups to your driveway’s sealcoat.

Repair cracks quickly

Regardless of how well you take care of your driveway, cracks, chips and holes are inevitable. When these minor problems crop up, contact a reliable asphalt company to make repairs before minor issues turn into costly problems. You could end up extending the life of your driveway and saving hundreds of dollars on maintenance fees.

Be kind to your edges

It may not come as much of a surprise to discover that the edges of your driveway are the parts that are most susceptible to damage. You can prevent problems by making sure your lawn remains trimmed around your driveway and keeping the driveway from enduring a prolonged load. For example, if you’re having work done on your home, make sure the work trucks park in the center of your driveway to prevent potential issues with your driveway.

Keep it clean

Once a month, take a few minutes to hose down your driveway to remove any debris that might have accumulated. It might even be worth investing in a personal pressure washer to do the job correctly.

Come to the best

Of all the driveway paving companies in Nashville, TN, RoadBuilders stands head and shoulders above the crowd. As Nashville’s premier paving company, we remain committed to offering first-rate customer service and unparalleled workmanship. Whether you’re shoring up your aging driveway or installing a sprawling commercial parking lot, our highly-skilled team of asphalt professionals can customize a solution for you.

We do it all—installation, maintenance and repair. All it takes is one call to RoadBuilders, and you can kiss your asphalt problems goodbye. Pick up the phone and give us a call today to schedule an estimate. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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