The Benefits of Using Tar and Chip in Nashville, TN for Driveways

September 4, 2019

You’ve heard of asphalt driveways and concrete driveways, but what’s the story with tar and chip paving? Also referred to as seal chip, liquid asphalt, chip-and-seal or macadam, tar and chip is an alternative to installing an asphalt driveway, typically lower in both initial cost and the cost of maintenance over time. This cost-efficient substitute to asphalt is a paving surface that’s made using liquid asphalt and stones, and it’s distinguishable by its rough texture, which helps encourage a firmer grip underfoot when the surface is wet or covered in a layer of snow.

While constructing a tar and chip driveway requires a certain technique, many property owners wind up being very satisfied with this paving choice. Here are the top benefits of using tar and chip in Nashville, TN for driveways.

Advantages of tar and chip paving

Although there are known benefits of using tar and chip paving, it’s not as common a choice for driveways when compared to asphalt. However, a skilled contractor can construct a good looking, structurally sound tar and chip surface for you. The following are some reasons to use this option:

  • Affordable: As far as cost goes, tar and chip paving is often less expensive than asphalt, but slightly more expensive than gravel. This lower overall cost includes materials and labor, as well as maintenance. In fact, aside from sweeping frequently to remove debris, no regular type of maintenance is needed for tar and chip driveways. A professional inspection can determine whether it needs a new sealcoat, whereas an asphalt driveway needs regular sealcoating. Because it’s so cost-efficient, this is an ideal option for folks on a tight budget.
  • Simple construction: The process of constructing a tar and chip driveway is relatively simple. Like other paving options, the first step is to install a gravel base. Then, hot liquid asphalt is poured over the top, followed by a coating of loose stone, which is poured and rolled into the liquid asphalt. This forms a rough-textured finished surface that helps to improve traction for vehicle tires and foot traffic.
  • Unique in color and appearance: A huge benefit of tar and chip paving is the resulting natural beauty seen in these types of surfaces. This is thanks to the different colors of stones you can choose from to create the top layer of your new driveway. You end up with a paved surface that has a unique and elegant appearance.
  • Easy maintenance: Tar and chip driveways require very little maintenance. This type of surface does not need to be sealed on a regular basis, and small cracks can hide and repair themselves when the tar heats up in warm weather, with the stones filling in cracks.
  • Longevity: As long as you care for and maintain your tar and chip driveway as needed, it is a paving option that can last property owners for up to 10 years. At that point, it may need to be resurfaced.

To learn more about tar and chip paving in Nashville, TN, don’t hesitate to contact the team at RoadBuilders!

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