Signs to Look for When Asphalt Needs Repairing

August 28, 2019

If you rely on an asphalt surface for your home or business, you’re probably familiar with the many benefits associated with this type of pavement. For the most part, asphalt is a highly desirable pavement surface because it’s so durable, long-lasting and easy to care for.

Over time, however, even the best things need a little tender loving care. Asphalt is no different—after lots of use and exposure to the elements, you’ll eventually have to invest in asphalt repair. Thankfully, asphalt repair in Nashville, TN is usually relatively easy, fast and cost-effective.

It’s also usually a good idea to exercise a little bit of preventative maintenance to ensure that you don’t need to spend too much time and effort on asphalt repair. For example, investing in regular seal coating as a preventative measure can spare you a lot of cash and heartache.

Here are just some of the things that you should pay attention to when determining whether or not your asphalt needs repairs in Nashville, TN:

  • Sinking areas: If there are any areas of your asphalt driveway that are sinking, you may need asphalt repair in Nashville, TN. Sinking asphalt is caused by an erosion of the base materials that sit beneath the asphalt pavement itself. This is usually related to drainage issues.
  • Growing cracks: Over time, asphalt will naturally develop small cracks. If you see a small crack form in your asphalt surface, you should keep an eye on it. Cracks that grow—especially cracks that grow rapidly—could spell serious trouble for the long-term health of your pavement.
  • Crumbling edges: If the edges of your asphalt surface seem to be crumbling away, you should call for professional assistance sooner rather than later. This is usually the result of lackluster installation techniques.
  • Buckling and warping: Any sections of your asphalt surface that appear wavy should be dealt with immediately. This can be caused by excessive heavy vehicle usage, wide temperature fluctuations or drainage issues. In most cases, the wavy sections can be filled in with excess asphalt to make the surface smooth again.
  • Drainage problems: Drainage problems cause a number of other issues with asphalt surfaces. Standing moisture will erode the base of the asphalt surface, and can seep between the layers of the asphalt itself, leading to binding issues.
  • Spider and alligator cracks: These shallow cracks can span the entire length of your asphalt surface, resembling a spider web or the skin of an alligator. Repairing these cracks can be complicated, and always requires the assistance of a qualified professional.

RoadBuilders has been a trusted provider of asphalt repair in Nashville, TN since 2011. We’re proud to provide high-quality asphalt installation, maintenance and repair services to our commercial and residential clients. We’re capable of paving asphalt surfaces of virtually all sizes, ranging from simple residential driveways to large commercial parking lots. To learn more about ways that we can help you both install and repair asphalt for your home or business, reach out to one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives today.

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