The Benefits of a Clean Asphalt Surface

April 15, 2019
Your asphalt is only as good as what is underneath. Damage to the structure will result in a poorly constructed driveway or road that could become hazardous. Keeping the surface free and clear of debris and litter is the first line of defense. Knowledge is power. Understanding why it’s important will help you make better maintenance decisions that will enhance the lifespan. We have all the information you need plus some tips to keep it clean.



Let’s start with curb appeal. According to Google’s dictionary, curb appeal is “the attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street.” Commercial or residential property should give you a return on your investment when you choose to sell it. A traditional way of making your property attractive to buyers is improving curb appeal. Asphalt contributes to the overall appearance providing a smooth, luxurious surface. It’s a sought after building material because of its durability and illustrious appearance. Keep the asphalt looking brand new to display these attributes and make it ideal for potential buyers.


Less friction isn’t conducive to a safe environment. That goes for residential and commercial properties. Cars rely on the traction from asphalt for smooth, safe driving and stopping. Asphalt is constructed from a stone mix and binding agent. The aggregate used provides that right amount of friction for vehicles to safely start and stop without the worry for spinning tires or hydroplaning. Blacktop surfaces that are riddled with debris and dirt will become hazardous. The treads on tires won’t grip well when there is trash, branches, leaves, and other materials in the way. Keeping the driveway and parking lot free from unnecessary items ensures dependable driving.


Asphalt surfaces piled with trash and rubble can deteriorate at a much quicker rate. Standing water causes a lot of damage to the pavement. The construction of asphalt is designed to allow stormwater to drain. Obstructions to the drainage will keep the water standing in one place. Rain is heavy and will weigh the pavement down. Cracks and holes will begin to appear that can create issues to the foundation. Not to mention it can potentially damage a car wheel. As simple as they are, leaves are very hazardous. They are slippery when wet contributing to what we mentioned earlier about the problem of no friction. Plus, as they begin to decompose bacteria will form and erode the surface of the asphalt.




Keeping your pavement clean is critical to the health and wellness of your driveway, road, or parking lot. But, what is the best way to keep it clean?


Sealcoating is your first line of defense for a clean surface. It’s a thin protective coating that is glossy, shiny, and smooth. All of these attributes make it easier to keep it free from debris. Dead leaves are gently brushed away. Liter and other items can be swept up by a street sweeper because of the slick surface. In fact, the street sweeper will more than likely collect more because of these capabilities. There is also the added benefit of protecting the pavement from other forces like UV rays and erosion. Sealcoating is essentially an armor that maintains the surface and substrate to allow the blacktop to last for decades. The smooth surface is not just ideal for getting it clean, but also contributes to better friction, less deterioration, and improves curb appeal.


Pavement that does not have damage to the substrate but suffers from surface damage can be resurfaced. Resurfacing asphalt is the process of adding a fresh application of asphalts aggregate compound to the existing road, driveway, or parking lot. It bypasses the need for the area to be torn up and completely repaired. Instead, the fresh coat of provides a brand new, smooth surface that is stronger than the original. Having your pavement resurfaced will renew the surface and eliminate potholes, cracks, and divots. They are unsightly, but also make it challenging to keep the surface clean. When holes and cracks begin to appear, debris can fall between. Mold from the decomposition will damage the foundation. Resurfacing is a cost-effective solution to keep your blacktop clean.


Nashville is growing at a rapid pace. It was recently average that over one hundred people move here a day. For homeowners, that increases your property value exponentially. Commercial owners will reap the rewards of more business. Whichever side of the fence you stand, there is potential for financial gain. First impressions are everything. Keep your roads and driveways free from a build-up of materials. Improve curb appeal and create a safe driving experience with Roadbuilders. CONTACT US TODAY TO GET A QUOTE

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