Residential Asphalt Maintenance Checklist

September 17, 2018
A driveway is the path home and for many, high-quality material and correct labor was implemented in order to achieve their ideal driveway. A solid asphalt driveway boosts curb appeal, creates a protective border for your yard and is durable to last through years of cars and chalk. When it comes to paving your asphalt driveway there are many benefits but in order to maintain a grade-A driveway we have a few routine maintenance suggestions. By laying down a high-quality asphalt residential driveway you’ve increased the durability of your driveway, and added a stunning design touch to your home. Whether you decided to implement a solid-surface or aggregate surface for your driveway, the proper maintenance (similar for either driveway option) should be performed. This way you are giving your asphalt more life and extended strength.


So you took the time to choose the perfect asphalt surface option for your family, Roadbuilders executed and laid down your ideal driveway. Now that the demot and implementation is over it’s time for you to maintain a routine checklist. By doing so you will ensure a long, durable lifespan for your asphalt drive.




Just like sweeping your house to keep the floors cleans, the same goes for your asphalt driveway. There are a few key benefits to keeping a clean and clear driveway. By sweeping away leaves and debris after a big storm or during the fall season you are able to avoid marks and stains on your asphalt driveway. Also feel free to give your driveway a good scrub down after winter months or intense storm debris. It is recommended to avoid power washing your asphalt because if it is not done properly, serious damage can occur. Instead we suggest you pick up an asphalt driveway cleaner (or make an at home solution with phosphate-free detergent/dish soap and water), grab a large scrub brush and clean the length of your driveway. Finish by hosing off your asphalt driveway well. By vigorously cleaning your driveway routinely and when necessary you are able to not only keep the driveway strong, it will have a spiffy, fresh appearance all the time!


Part of the upkeep of your asphalt driveway surface is to clean up any oil or fuel spills. Oil and fuel stains not only blemish the appearance of your driveway; if left unattended the spill can leak into your asphalt causing expedited aging and cracking. Similar to the regular sweeping and scrubbing, you should tackle the oil or fuel spill immediately. Factors like diesel fuel will swiftly break down the binding of your asphalt and erupt the structure. By thoroughly cleaning any spills you are preventing further damage and it helps to maintain an aesthetically pleasing driveway.


The biggest bully to asphalt surfaces is Mother Nature. With impending storms or rise and fall of temps, it is vital for you to prepare your asphalt surface [link to extreme weather and prep post]. All of these maintenance suggestions work best when all utilized. So by keeping your surface clear and clean you have already begun prepwork for any storm. A major protective tool during damaging weather for your residential driveway is a regularly scheduled sealcoat. If you live in an environment like we do down in Tennessee, your asphalt surface experiences all four seasons. With freezing snow to oppressive heat and rain storms in between, it’s important to be aware of any weather events and scheduled maintenance prior to season changing. In heavy storms pay attention to any puddling in your driveway. During the cold winter months be careful with plows, metal shovels and the amount of deicing salt being thrown down. All of these can lead to cracks, weakened flexibility and interrupted smoothness. Maintain your asphalt driveway with routine repairs and proactive preventative practices. Need to prep your driveway for the upcoming winter? Send us a message and we can help mend, repair and prepare your asphalt surface! REQUEST A REPAIR ESTIMATE


Asphalt is a driveway surface solution with components like rocks, stone and gravel (much like a typical gravel driveway) and a key binder substance such as tar. With durable strength and weather withstanding material your driveway may seem very industrial; however, your yard maintenance can directly affect the asphalt surface. Keeping a clean edge between your yard and asphalt driveway will protect from weed growth too close to the driveway. If you don’t edge your drive grass and weeds can begin to creep into your asphalt and begin growing. Because of this intricate impact your asphalt driveway can experience deterioration and cracking. If this gets out of hand you will quickly develop significant cracking along the perimeter of your asphalt. This will in-turn bring the damage back to your yard as well. Double whammy. Be sure to weed wack, trim and maintain a healthy yard and edging to your driveway.


You had an asphalt driveway paved leading up to your home for many reasons. The curb appeal benefit, the ease on your vehicles and to be able to have a smooth surface for you and your family to enjoy. By choosing the right material, implementing qualified installment and routinely caring for your asphalt surface you will be able to enjoy your driveway for years to come. Been a number of years since you first installed your asphalt driveway? Freshen up your drive with a resurface, maintain the checklist and give your driveway new life! TIME TO RESURFACE YOUR DRIVEWAY? CONTACT US TODAY!

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